Testimonials: Chiropractic Miracles


Our practice member Christie tells her story of how chiropractic care not only relieved her headaches of over 20 years but gave her her life back!

One of the most common ailments in modern society, more than 42 million Americans suffers from headaches each year. Usually these are stress or tension related headaches, and in some people are more severe migraine headaches.

     Unfortunately, one type of headache that is often overlooked and misdiagnosed is the cervicogenic headache (headache coming from tension and stress on the spine in the neck area)

     One of the most effective ways of relieving Cervicogenic pain is with Chiropractic treatment. A chiropractor adjusts the bones, and muscles in the neck areas that have moved out of alignment to assist the body to bring fresh blood into the area to create a healing environment. This type of treatment has been around for hundreds of years. 

     Chiropractic manipulation, often known as Subluxation, has been documented as early as the ancient Egyptians, and is the concept of applying a precise adjustment through pressure on the afflicted area, as opposed to the generalized maneuvers that were used earlier by osteopaths.

     Chiropractors emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and therefore do not prescribe medication to their patients, nor do they operate, or perform surgery on their subjects. It is suggested that this may be among many of the reasons why health conscious people seek chiropractic treatments to cure their ailments

Evidence To Suggest The Effectiveness Of Chiropractic Treatments

     According to recent studies published in the Journal of Manipulative, And Physiological Therapeutics, the results indicated that spinal manipulation had a significant positive effect in cases of Cervicogenic headache.

Those who received chiropractic treatment in the study noticed a 36% decrease in their pain medication usage, their headache hours were decreased by 69%, and their headache intensity had also decreased by 36%


The Story of Christina

Christina was born with a diagnosis of �failure to thrive� and her APAGAR scores �were terrible�, 2 and then 3. Although Christina had been perfect inutero, the doctor who delivered her was in a hurry and made the decision, without consent, to use forceps to, �Get the thing out, so I can go home.� For three months after birth Christina had bruising, on both sides of her head, from her eyes and ears to the base of her skull.

Christina presented with a glaring bony displacement so severe that her chiropractor �could not understand how she was alive or how any one could have missed such a glairing bony displacement.� She was about half the size of a normal eight year old. When first introduced, �She held her arms out front with her wrists dropped down. Her skin was almost transparent and seemed to be so thin I was afraid to touch her fearing I would break the skin.� She could not form sentences or move other than at a slow shuffle.

Christina�s grandmother brought her in to see the chiropractor and a few minutes after Christina�s first chiropractic adjustment �her face got beet red and her eyes became as big a saucers. Then she began to smile. Her chiropractor was the first person to see her smile---ever. Christina then asked �Can I sit up?�, her first formed sentence. Christina went from sitting, to standing to running into her mother�s arms in that one afternoon at her chiropractor�s office. And of all those present, �There was not a dry eye in the room.�

Christina continued to see her chiropractor several times a week for a year and a half. Today she is a beautiful young girl whose life has returned.

Christina before

Christina after 3 months

***This thermal scan detects stress on the nervous system that results in poor communication between the brain and the body. You can clearly see how the chiropractic adjustments reduced the stress on little Christina�s nervous system. Our clinic utilizes this state of the art technology to detect the amount of stress on one�s nervous system in addition to monitoring change and improvements over time.


The first time my little boy, Gabriel, (who is 3-years-old,) came into your office, I noticed how sweet and gentle you were with him. I appreciated the fact that you have never forced or insisted he do anything, but just let him participate when he feels ready. This takes great patience and understanding from a doctor who has a waiting room full of clients!

The results I have seen are that his arm lengths are now equal, his nose does not drain out as much mucous as before, and the blue shadows under his eyes are diminishing, suggesting his allergies have improved.

I had never heard of chiropractic care for children before, and was naturally a little skeptical. Now I realize that Gabe has an advantage over others his age. If he continues now with a maintenance program of chiropractic care, he may never have the back problems we tend to get later in life.

Thanks for all you've done,

~ Jane


My son was diagnosed with reflux at 3-weeks-old and we were told to put cereal in his formula to weigh it down. He had been projectile vomiting and crying nonstop. It was much more than simple colic. At five weeks he was losing weight, couldn't keep anything down and was crying out in pain. When we took him back to his pediatrician he was medicated (Reglan and a compounded version of Prilosec), put on Alimentum (very expensive formula) and we were told to keep the cereal in his bottle. We were also told to let him sleep on a wedge. Days later he was feeling much better, but we took him off the Reglan, as it was making him have tremors. Over the next few weeks he was getting gradually better but still having trouble sleeping and still vomiting. We hated having our very young baby on medicine and we were going broke paying for the formula.

Just before Harrison turned 3-months-old we were delighted to find out that chiropractic care could benefit Harrison. We were very skeptical. We had never received chiropractic care and never took it seriously. We were so surprised and thrilled with the results.

On Harrison's first visit, the doctor scanned his spine and discovered that the areas needing adjustment directly correlated with his esophagus and stomach, the exact areas that were affected by his reflux. Harrison had his first adjustment, and the look on his face was priceless. He nearly fell asleep under the gentle touch. That night Harrison didn't vomit once and didn't make the gagging noises associated with reflux. And the most surprising thing of all happened. He slept for five hours straight. Before that night he had never slept more that two hours at a time.

Today, Harrison is not on medication, not on the expensive formula, not sleeping on a wedge and sleeps for 10-12 hours a night without waking.

I have eczema and I was really itching a lot. My legs looked really bad. After the first week of chiropractic care as well as some diet changes, my eczema cleared up. I feel great. My mom says I�m focusing better since I started getting treatments.

I always meet new people and everyone is really nice to me. I like coming in and getting high-fives.


When I first started at The Chiropractic Wellness Connection I had daily headaches and constant neck and back pain. One day I had a migraine so bad that my husband was ready to take me to the hospital as was our regular protocol but then I suggested that he take me in to see the doctors at TCWC. Within 20 minutes of leaving the office I felt so much better and by the time I got home even better than before! My overall energy is up to the point that I can bend over and bathe my children and even wrestle with my boys again!

TCWC is so friendly and my children enjoy the playroom and the smiling faces too! The staff has been so flexible with working around my schedule, the needs of my children and more! They give me so much grace when I call and change my appointment 3 times in the same day!!!


Hi, my name is Robyn and 22 years ago I was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic. As a diabetic, blood test goals are 7.0 or below. This number is reached thru the three �fun� ways - diet, exercise, and medication, with many trips to various doctors and dietitians every 3 months. Over the years the closest I ever was to 7.0 was 7.25.

Then in March 2007, after another medical issue, I quit drinking all soda, gave up artificial sweeteners, and struggled with what to eat/drink now. I started an organic and water diet. In October 2007, I finally reached 6.9, but I still needed help and was not satisfied with my overall health.

Then, by chance, I met the WONDERFUL people at The Chiropractic Wellness Connection and became a patient in December 2007. Thru their encouragement, warm atmosphere, and education, they taught me how to change things. I now move easier, I do not crab so much, but mostly my diabetic health has changed (I even gave up caffeine to de-tox). Best of all on March 3, 2008 my numbers were 6.6 and my next doctor�s visit is in six months.